Don’t Sleep on Sleep

All science and research tell us that we must sleep. Without it, we die. It’s just as essential as water, food, and oxygen. So why is it so easy for…
Aaron Wenzel, MD
April 21, 2022

The Momentum Multiplier

The Momentum Multiplier turns goal-setting on its head so that you focus not on the goal as the destination, but on the journey. The celebration happens during the journey, as…
Aaron Wenzel, MD
January 27, 2022

Peak Mental Health with Dr. Hooper

Peak mental health isn’t simply the opposite of mental illness. Peak mental health isn’t a static achievement but a dynamic journey of self-discovery. In my ongoing conversations about this topic,…
Aaron Wenzel, MD
December 30, 2021

Male Fertility

I sat down with male fertility and men's health specialist Dr. Matthew Pollard to discuss some of the most important aspects of male infertility. By bringing this subject to light,…
Aaron Wenzel, MD
December 2, 2021

Rethinking Addiction

If addiction is losing connection with your most authentic self to the grips of a perpetual, uncontrollable urge, then what is the opposite? And how do we claim that somebody…
Aaron Wenzel, MD
October 28, 2021