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Concierge medicine for fast-moving professionals in Nashville, Tennessee
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Time is certainly your greatest asset. With direct access to your physician and our network of specialist providers, you can move quickly in your time of need.


There is nothing generic about you or your story. We provide care that is hand-crafted based on your unique goals and leading-edge science.


Sitting in a lobby full of strangers is not appealing to you. Our beautiful, member-only clinic has covered parking and a private entrance.

Primary Care For The 21st Century

Time is your greatest asset, but nothing is more important that your health. Nothing.

The challenge is, in a world over-connectivity and abundant information, we lack the meaningful relationships and true insight that lead to optimal health.

Brentwood MD understands this and provides an elegant solution — best-in-class concierge medicine to the greater Nashville, TN area.

Our members are treated like family and enjoy the peace of mind that only comes from being directly connected to a personal physician — a physician who understands their unique goals and knows them by name.

While our members come from all walks of life, they all desire to become the healthiest, most vibrant, highest performing version of themselves to make a massive impact in the world.

Brentwood MD helps make this dream their reality.

Member Benefits


Direct Physician Access

With 24/7 access to your private physician, you will always be connected in your time of need.

House Calls

House Calls

Sometimes going to a clinic isn’t very convenient. That’s when we come to you.

Office Visits

Same Day Office Visits

You need to be seen quickly in your time of need, not two weeks from now.


Exclusive Network of Exclusive Providers

Our members receive priority scheduling with some of the most sought after specialists in the country.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching

Having and maintaining an ideal body weight are critical to preventing disease and living a long time.


Advanced Diagnostics And Disease Prevention

We use the most advanced radiologic and laboratory diagnostic tools to identify, reverse, and prevent disease.

Dr. Wenzel is passionate physician whose diverse life experience and extensive training in family medicine, emergency care, nutrition, and hormone replacement therapies give him the unique platform to provide unmatched care for his patients.


It Has Been Life Changing

We always wished that we had a doctor in the family and now we feel like we do. Joining Brentwood MD has been one of the best decisions our family has made. Having Dr. Wenzel and his nurse Jenn just a text or call away has been life changing for us. Dr. Wenzel’s level of care and concern is unmatched.


Better Sleep. Better Sex. Better Performance. A Longer Life.

As a high-achieving professional, you’re looking for the fastest way to feel better, improve performance, and add vibrant decades to your life.

We’ve had the privilege of caring for some of the most successful men and women in the country, and here’s what we’ve learned…

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  • Successful people rarely seek out medical care on their own accord — mostly because their time is wrapped up in growing businesses and providing for their families. So much that they often fail to look after their own health.
  • When they do seek out medical care, they, need speed, customization, and efficiency.
  • They’re looking for ways to increase their energy levels, strength, mental clarity, creativity, and vitality to gain (or keep) the edge in business and life.

In other words, they want better sleep, better sex, better performance, and a longer life.

We’ve also learned that these high-achieving professionals face two major challenges… Challenge #1.: The current healthcare delivery model is slow, impersonal, and inefficient. Challenge #2: There is a ton of confusion and misinformation around one of single greatest topics in health today: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Understanding these unique needs, desires, and challenges is what distinguishes Brentwood MD from the rest. Our medical care model — based on speed, personalization, and results — serves our members by offering packages for concierge primary care and hormone optimization to get them the results they want… fast.

An office you will want to visit.


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Reserved covered parking with private entrance.